Home styling trends change as the years go by, and even sometimes within the same year. What used to be the style can quickly become outdated, especially now that technology moves so fast. This is especially true for bathroom decor. Now is the chance for you to start seeing yourself in a whole new light. 2016’s latest trends in bathroom design are an eclectic mix, and we are right on top of them. Other than beautiful bathroom mirrors, you’d be surprised to see what’s en vogue.

Mirrors that catch the eye

The bathroom is built around the mirror. It’s half the reason we are in the room to begin with, right? Nothing beats getting ready in front of a beautiful lighted bath mirror and seeing yourself in a good light. A popular 2016 design trend is getting ones that do more than just cast a nice reflection. Many are now going for ones that catch the eye and captivate the beholder. At lightedbathmirror.com, that’s exactly what our products are meant to do. Lighted mirrors like ours are not just practical, they are beautiful. Hanging something from us is making a statement.

Furniture in the bathroom

You’ve got your mirror, your tub, your toilet and scale. That’s enough, right? Wrong. Or so says one trend from 2016 that is becoming more popular. Homeowners around the world are starting to add traditional home furnishings in the bathroom to make the space feel more cozy. More and more people are placing comfy sofas or tables in their bathrooms to enhance the look and feel of the room. Not a bad idea if you ask us!

European stylings!

People are getting into things from across the Atlantic more than they have been in years. Old style design is long gone. In are the days of sleek, efficient, brightly lit designs that maximize spacing and utilize modern fixtures. Our lighted mirrors are the perfect complement to this style, and this is one reason they are gaining in popularity. They make the room look bigger, pack a big punch in a small package, and give any room a spa-like ambiance immediately.

Home design is not just a one and done deal. It’s something that you’ve got to keep up on! These are 2016’s latest bathroom design trends. If you’re looking to turn your bathroom into a full experience for yourself and houseguests, then these tips will get you halfway there. Start browsing our selection to get started today.