Summer is the time for having fun outdoors, laying out by the beach, and getting some sun. It’s also a great time to revamp your interior design. If you really want to get the most out of summer, then you’ve got to change your decor to match the season. We normally focus just on lighted bathroom mirrors, but we thought that this time we’d give you some summertime bathroom design tips. Here are the best ways to get your bathroom ready for summer!

Get greener

Summer is the season when nature is in full bloom, so you’ve got to do your best to match nature’s beauty inside. The best way to do that is by adding some natural decorations like flowers and plants. Studies have shown the greener the environment is, the better mood that everyone is in. Want to create a great mood inside? Plants and flowers are the way to go. They are small enough to not take up much space, and they also help make the room feel better for guests.

Change your lighting

is the season when the sun is shining brightest in the sky, and that means you’ve got open up and let it bathe the whole place in its glow. It’s hard to do if you don’t have big windows, though. Try setting up the mirror opposite the main window to reflect more light and installing thinner curtains. You could also really go all-out and install a skylight or expand your windows. If you really want the best kind of lighting, then we recommend a light bathroom mirror. Nothing compares to the warmth that the LED lights give off when added to the light of sun.

Add artwork

Artwork is really the crux of the entire room. The images that you choose to decorate a room with can really bring out the best in a space. If you want to set the mood right, then choose summer-themed artwork that depicts beautiful landscapes and creates an easy-going feeling. Think of themes like the beach, open fields, picnics, or images of summer fun in a bygone era. Your guests will love walking into the room and getting a beach bum feel as they get ready to hit the town.

The seasons change and your home decor should change with it. Now that summer is in full swing, you’ve got to start adding the right kind of designs to match. These bathroom design tips will help make your home feel more warm and inviting. Want to add the ultimate bathroom decoration? Try a lighted bathroom mirror. Contact us today to find out more.