When most people think of interior design, they think of the obvious focus points: the carpet, the paint, door choice, and furniture style are just a few. What most don’t realise is that one of the most important parts of home decor is your choice of mirrors, especially the one in the bathroom. It’s possible to completely change the feel of a home with just one purchase so long as you get it right. So how do you stick out from the crowd of boring and basic styles that most people choose? Want to know how to make your bath mirror stand out? Here are some tips from lightedbathmirror.com!

Lighted bath mirrors!

The first thing you should do for your bath mirror is light it up. A lighted bath mirror is not only stunning to look at, it is practical and unique. These stylish mirrors use fluorescent light, and other advanced technology to help shine a beautiful glow on your bathroom. Nothing is as good as seeing the best reflection of yourself in the morning before you take on the day. Lighted mirrors automatically give your bathroom a spa-like feel. Want to stand out and make your bathroom look luxurious? Then just check out our selection.

Different shapes or designs

Your mirror will already look awesome, but what about going the extra mile and trying a different shape or design? We are sure that your guests will take notice if you’ve got a unique shape like a square or big rectangle. Our stock is full of mirrors with awesome designs, and a little bit of searching goes a long way! Don’t hesitate to try and knock it out of the park with a unique look or interesting shape. Be bold!

Read the signs

The space around the mirror is almost as important as the mirror itself. Adding the right decor around your lighted bathroom mirror will really round out the room. Keep it positive and funny! We love signs about how dieting isn’t any fun, and how there’s nothing better than seizing the day. Your bathroom will be the hit of your house if you do it right. Few people take the time to put awesome signage around their mirrors. Your guests will appreciate it.

The great thing about bathroom decor is that it can make a huge difference but doesn’t take a ton of effort. All you have to do is follow these tips to help your bathroom mirror stand out, and you’ll be good to go. As always, a lighted mirror is the most convenient way to give your bathroom a unique, spa-like feel.